A Calm Response to the Delirious Criticism Question 1

Article: A Calm Response to the Delirious Criticism: In response to Mohammad bin Hadi
Date: 14 Rabi` al-Awal 1432 – Thursday February 17, 2011
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This article includes:
– A reply to some of what has come from Shaykh Mohammad bin Haadi,
– Clarifying the error of Shaykh Mohammad Hassaan and the correct position regarding demonstrations,
– On the advice of Shaykh `Aayed Al-Shamri to Shaykh al-Halabi and his students,
– And more …

[Question 1]

[Questioner] All praise is due to Allah, and may the peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions and who allies with him.  This will be a recurring meeting of good – Allah willing – with our Esteemed Shaykh, the Scholar Abu al-Haarith Ali bin Hassan Al-Halabi al-Athari – may Allah preserve him -; so we welcome the Shaykh: Hayyaakumullah, Shaykh!
Our dear Shaykh, we have several questions and issues sent to us by some students of knowledge, hoping to Allah – first – to give you help in answering them, and hoping to widen your time and patience in order to answer them.
The first question, Shaykh:
At the beginning of the events in Egypt, Shaykh Mohammad Hassaan said some statements that you criticized him for; but you posted an article entitled: “Not in defense of Muhammad Hassan .. ” and you excused him for some things. Then you deleted the article from the Forum after the recent positions of Shaykh Mohammed – may Allah guide him -, which some people have considered this contradictions in your position. What is your reply to this – May Allah help you -? And does criticizing Muhammad Hassan – necessarily – mean tabdee` (accusing of being an innovator)?

[Shaykh Ali]
All praise is due to Allah, and may the peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions and who allies with him, and follows his guidance until the Day we meet Him; as for what proceeds:
The title of the article I wrote was very clear, but I do not know how these people understand – we ask Allah guidance for us, for you and for them-.
I said: “Not in defense of Muhammad Hassan”; so how did they make it a defense?!!
I said he was incorrect in three or four positions in the same article; this is first.
The second thing: The excuse – that was referred to – does not relate to the actual fatwa; but rather it is related to the circumstances of the fatwa, and the contexts of the fatwa. This is because I’ve known him – in the past – to reject and appose these demonstrations, so when he came with such words – in a certain frame, in certain circumstances, and within a rampant fitnah -; we took into consideration these possibilities that I mentioned – at the time -.
What is a clear issue – is after I heard his words with my own ears – later – no one else deleted my article except me; I deleted it with my own hand! Because I saw that what I had excused him for – before the case was made clear – was a matter of an excess of good suspicion.
And all praise is due to Allah; that the Muslim does not sin for an excess of good suspicions; but he only sins for bad suspicions – whether it is excessive or not -.
This is third.
Fourthly: That it would be considered contradictions in our position; if each person had two views in each issue, then the first people to have contradictions would’ve been the Imams who preceded, well before those who came after them!
And how many of those who used to argue with us – yesterday – used to praise Zayd, and today they have started to slander him – or vice versa -! Will this be called contradictory? Or will it be said: it was a change of positions because of changing developments and the words that took place?!
As for it to be said: that this accusation of error is a tabdee`; then I will say – very clearly, and with all the power – that this is not tabdee`, and I believe he is wrong, but his error does not reach with me – at this moment – to the point that I will make tabdee`.
So how about if we knew that our Shaykh al-Albaani – may Allah have mercy on him – when he wrote in “The Collection of Weak Ahadeeth” about some of the ahadeeth that are used as evidence for demonstrations, he said: “And some of our du`aat (callers of Islam) brothers have used this as evidence for allowing demonstrations.”! Shaykh Albaani did not say that whoever uses as evidence and allows demonstrations was an innovator, misleading and misguided, and the like – as they say today -!
So: We differentiate between the ruling that is connected to the action, and the ruling that is connected to the actor like those who constantly repeat this with us; but in theoretical way there is, in fact, no link between that and this issue – not from close or afar -.
If we missed something of the question, then it’s possible to go back and cover what we missed; but I think we covered all the points in this first question.


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as-salaamu alaykum, when is the rest of the translation coming? I’d like to send this out to some people.

Comment by abu-subay'ah

Inshallah I’ll do some work tomorrow, I’ve been a little busy and just taking a little break

Comment by JarhWaTadeel

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